Extravagant life, fashion outdoor table and chairs leisure furniture

- Jan 18, 2019-


If you are fortunate enough to have a small outdoor garden or a semi-outdoor open terrace, as long as the garden or terrace is large enough, simply place a few tables and chairs and a log floor to comfortably Watch the scenery!

The selection of outdoor furniture is not simple. In addition to the style, it is also necessary to pay special attention to its materials. The outdoor furniture that Bi Jing has exposed for many years should be subjected to the baptism of the wind and rain. At the same time, it should be easy to take care of.

The most natural and breathable leisure furniture is rattan furniture. The flexibility of the vine is excellent. It belongs to the “createable material” in the hands of the designer. The infinite creativity and freshness in the furniture shape cannot be pursued by other materials.

The following is a list of the characteristics of several outdoor furniture;

European version of the cane chair: full of dreamy Moroccan style, with soft cushions to create a colorful sun color, so that the soul is happy. The style and color of the cushions and cushions can be changed as you like, making it a fresh choice for the hospitality of the hospitable owner.

Rattan lying bed: Imagine on the sun-filled beach, support the gauze slow-moving with the sea breeze, if the sail is about to sail. The quaint South Asian-style four-column rattan bed is enough to make you fall into the infinite imagination and start a journey of the soul.

Wicker chair + coffee table: The rattan-style triangle stool is turned into a miniature sofa by putting on the fabric cushion. The hidden wheel is easy to move. It is equipped with a plate-type glass coffee table. The pure color is clean and clean, which is an ideal choice for outdoor parties.

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