Don't ignore the safety hazards of inferior outdoor furniture

- Nov 19, 2018-


First, furniture made from decaying or worm-eaten wood. Consumers only need to use their fingers to dig, if there is a piece of falling off, it means that the wood has decayed.

Second, the frame structure is loose, the frame is not tight, and there are breaks and breaks. Some of the furniture's wooden frames are unopened and nailed only, which has an impact on overall quality and appearance. Consumers can use hand to shake the joint parts, especially the table legs and other joints to check for looseness.

Third, the wood is not dried, and the high water content is likely to cause deformation or cracking of the finished product in the future.

Fourth, the functional size of outdoor furniture does not meet the quality standards. If these functional sizes are not up to standard, it will directly affect the normal use of furniture.

Fifth, the surface finish is uneven and easy to fall off. These inferior outdoor furniture are prone to paint peeling and shelling after use.

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