Domestic outdoor furniture into a new hot market

- Jun 28, 2018-


Source: Shenyang Evening News Author: Zhang Dandan


With the advocacy of people for outdoor life, outdoor furniture also develops from simple swings and square tables toward more and more interest. Recently, Shenyang Evening News and Shenyang Network reporters discovered that many furniture stores in Shenyang have begun to use outdoor furniture as the mainstay. Among them, miniaturization and humanized products are the most concerned.

Miniaturization is the most favored

When it comes to outdoor furniture, many people tend to think that there must be a garden or a large terrace, but the Shenyang Evening News and Shenyang Network reporter found during the interview that more than half of the consumers of outdoor furniture do not have a garden or a large terrace, and most of them buy outdoor furniture. Use on the balcony. Shenyang Evening News and Shenyang Network reporter learned from the sales staff that the largest number of outdoor furniture could be seen, but most of the final deals were small outdoor furniture that could easily be placed in a space of about 2 square meters. In addition, a set of small outdoor home equipment that is convenient to carry and force, is most popular for the self-driving tour of the surrounding areas. In a large shopping mall, the Shenyang Evening News and Shenyang Network reporters saw people buying a folding aluminum table and chair. The product is very light, but it can bear a weight of 100 kilograms. It is also convenient on the car trunk.

New materials improve quality

Reporters saw in major home stores, outdoor furniture this summer, strong tropical style, especially in Southeast Asia style popular by consumers. In terms of materials, besides the traditional plastics, iron and steel, and rattan that are resistant to high humidity and heat, the solid pine wood with high performance-price ratio and the durable poplar wood are outdoor lovers. The personage inside course of study introduces, at present, the designers of the outdoor furniture are all devoted to using the skillful technique, in the special texture of the material obtains the most perfect union performance.

Comfort is the best

Outdoor furniture is more inspiration for outdoor furniture designers because it is not impeded by walls and has no specific style conventions. And all people-oriented are the core ideas advocated by designers. According to industry insiders, the design of outdoor furniture pays more attention to people's inner feelings. Most of them are based on the theme of streamline, arc, leaves, and flowers, giving people a feeling of closeness to nature.