Diverse outdoor furniture

- Nov 28, 2018-


The selection and matching of outdoor furniture is a new wind vane for the outdoor environment. The outdoor furniture is the perfect combination of the special texture of all furniture materials such as wood, rattan, textile, metal, synthetic materials, etc. Natural, comfortable vision and tactile sensation. The independent use of any material or the mix and match of any two materials will show different styles.

The retro wrought iron bracket holds up the solid wood strip with the knot. This kind of outdoor furniture will make people feel harmonious and have a nostalgic rustic style. The rattan furniture is mainly made of rattan lounge chair. It can be combined with different styles of Chinese and Western furniture to show different rattan styles. In the outdoor furniture of rattan, there is a natural and comfortable rattan material with a colorful bag.

The ornamentation of the fabric makes the rattan furniture fresh and lively; some are made of rattan and wrought iron, showing the unique taste of softness and softness; and there is a seat made of pure rattan products. Some of these styles are designed as separate seats, while others are designed as traditional rocking chairs.

The height of the rattan seat also breaks the traditional scale and has a variety of choices. The round rattan chair, which is almost high with the ground, is particularly friendly under the package. It is reminiscent of the square inch wicker chair. Sitting cross-legged and enjoying life.

Diversified material matching brings people a variety of senses, regardless of affinity, cold, cutting edge, retro, sensual, rational, will be in the outdoor space full of infinite vitality, revealing its own unique charm.

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