different materials with different maintenance for outdoor garden furniture

- Jul 04, 2018-


Outdoor garden furniture is treated with special waterproofing, sun protection, anti-corrosion and rust removal, so it is very simple to clean and maintain.

PE rattan: You can use a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to clean rattan garden furniture. It should be protected against collisions and sharp edges, and it can be protected from moisture, aging, insects and infrared rays. Therefore, you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Plastic parts: generally lighter, and resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, good insulation, heat insulation, but poor hardness, should prevent collision and blade tip artifacts, if there is a list available for hot melt repair, no The glue can stick. It can be washed with ordinary detergent, be careful not to touch hard objects, no metal brush.

Aluminum spray: If there is stain on the surface, please wipe it with water, do not use heavy acid and alkaline cleaner.

Wooden tables and chairs: Do not scrub with hard objects to avoid damaging the waterproof layer on the surface. Teslinbu: Just scrub with a rag of water.

Metal parts: metal should avoid bumping and scratching the surface protective layer during handling; do not stand on the folding furniture to avoid deformation of the folded part and affect the use. Simply scrub with warm soapy water and do not use acid and alkaline cleaners to avoid rusting the surface paint.

Tempered glass: Do not hit or hit the corners of the glass with sharp objects to avoid breakage; do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss; do not use rough materials to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches.

Garden Umbrella: 1. When stretching, try to force on the umbrella hub instead of forcibly pulling open the rib; 2. The steering of the Roman umbrella should pay attention to the surrounding environment, be careful not to touch other things and cut the rib or crash. The ribs; 3, when not used or windy, please fold the umbrella surface, so as not to blow the umbrella when the wind is big, damage the furniture and hurt the person, 4, shake the umbrella, please shake in the direction of the indication, do not shake in the opposite direction .

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