Different materials maintenance method of outdoor furniture

- Jun 07, 2018-

Rattan outdoor furniture is better maintained and cleaned than other fabric furniture and leather furniture. You can use soft brushes, rags or vacuum cleaners to clean PE rattan outdoor furniture, to prevent collisions and scratches or hard objects. PE rattan can prevent moisture, mold, anti-aging, pest control, and anti-infrared, so it does not need to worry about maintenance. Solid wooden outdoor furniture: Use a feather duster to gently sweep the dust on the surface or scrub gently with a damp cloth, do not scratch with a hard object, so as not to damage the surface of the paint waterproof layer. Teslin Mesh Chair: Wipe clean with a rag. Aluminum outdoor furniture: If there is stain on the surface, wipe it with clean water, do not use concentrated acid or concentrated alkaline cleaner. Parasols: When not in use or when the wind is large, the umbrellas should be put in order to prevent the umbrellas from being blown down when the wind blows. This will damage the furniture and damage people. Shake the umbrella and shake it in the direction indicated. Do not shake it in reverse. Tempered glass top oudoor furniture: Do not hit or impact the glass with a sharp object to avoid breaking it. Do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquids to avoid damaging the ring surface. Do not wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.

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