Different matereial outdoor furniture

- Jul 05, 2018-


From the most primitive stone to the latest alloys, the material of outdoor furniture is as diverse as its design. The outdoor furniture materials used today are better than ever before. Good outdoor furniture materials can make your outdoor furniture have more gorgeous and clear texture effect and strong and durable quality. At the same time, it is also a refurbishment of processing methods and design ideas to create more new outdoor furniture. At the same time, the traditional outdoor furniture materials have not withdrawn from the historical stage.

Aluminum: Hand forged aluminum is an aluminum mold that is cast and cooled before processing. Cast aluminum furniture is lighter in weight, so it is easy to move and easy to process. It is the first choice for contemporary outdoor furniture materials.

Teak: Teak has become a very popular material because it retains the beauty of outdoor furniture for a long time, it is resistant to weathering, decay and insects, and is easy to maintain.

Rattan: As a kind of ancient furniture, rattan furniture is still popular in the outdoor field, so the wicker still maintains its popularity. The lightness of the quality does not affect the load-bearing capacity of the rattan.

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