Development of rattan furniture

- Nov 19, 2018-


Some questions about how to make rattan and rattan furniture, even those who have been in the outdoor furniture industry for years, are sometimes confused. In fact, there is no wicker plant. The meaning of rattan is the process of weaving furniture with rattan. This vine is a palm plant that grows in tropical jungles (like Asia or South America) and resembles vines. Its leaves are thorny and are usually removed manually before the rattan enters the stripping process to fit into the chair seat. The inner stem is much like a reed rod. Before it is put into a rattan product, the inner stem is first machined into a flat, round or elliptical shape. Rattan furniture has long been a favorite corridor and patio furniture. It is also a very good country feel furniture for any room in the house. But do you know that similar woven furniture has long existed between the ancient and the ancient Egyptians.

The Elizabethan dynasty also used twigs to weave furniture, but there was no straightforward rattan work until Cyrus Wakefield was interested in the discarded packaging materials that he had found at the dockside. He discovered a large number of rattans used to maintain the position of the ship, and subsequent braiding studies in the 19th century led to the development of rattan furniture.

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