Detail key poits of outdoor lounge chair

- Nov 21, 2018-


Today's outdoor lounge chairs are modern and fashionable, but for a long time only focus on the aesthetics of the surface form, but lack of research on practicality. Therefore, when choosing a modern outdoor leisure chair, pay more attention to this aspect, which is good for both yourself and the health of the family.

Key point 1: The angle of the backrest of the lounge chair should be appropriate, the size should be appropriate, and the distance between the seat and the ground should be suitable. The ergonomic principle should be comfortable when sitting on the chair. It is the chair that adapts to the person, not the person to adapt to the chair, especially In terms of size, the shape of the human body in the West and the West is different. Ask when you buy it.

Key point 2: The pillow, cushion, back pillow or textile planting stuff of the leisure chair should be matched with the orange heart. It should conform to the overall beauty and technology of the chair, complement the chair, the material mix tends to be reasonable, and the structure has charm.

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