Design classification of villa outdoor furniture

- Nov 07, 2018-


Neo-classical furniture: Neo-classical furniture can be divided into Chinese neo-classical furniture and European neo-classical furniture. More affinity in color, more and more user-friendly furniture lines, more and more ergonomic requirements on furniture. European neo-classical furniture pursues the simplicity and natural beauty while retaining the contour features of European furniture. Whether it is Chinese neo-classical furniture or European neo-classical furniture style and details, it is always the pursuit of furniture comfort and contemporary.

Mediterranean furniture: Mediterranean furniture with its affluent pastoral style and soft tones and combinations to match the atmosphere. The typical Mediterranean colours are always closely linked to nature. This is a feature that is close to nature and is the greatest charm that makes people feel comfortable and peaceful.

Chinese-style furniture: Chinese-style furniture is divided into Ming-style furniture, young and blue-style furniture, Ming-style furniture, mainly looking at lines and feminine feelings. Qing-style furniture mainly depends on workmanship. Whether it is Ming or Qing style, it is extremely careful about the harmonious combination of left and right symmetry and indoor environment, and it is very collectible, healthy and symbolic.

American furniture: American furniture is a European-style furniture that combines the customs of the United States. Comfort is the first element of American furniture, and American furniture reflects the multi-cultural fusion of the orange gods, which are diverse and inclusive. It has a simple shape, bright color, natural and simple materials, and is practical and durable.

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