Common methods for maintenance of rattan chairs (part 2)

- Aug 16, 2018-


Avoid moisture deformation

The placement of the book on the rattan shelf is best to follow the principle of heavy weight on both sides and light in the middle, so that the weight of the book can be placed symmetrically to prevent the bookcase from being drooped due to the weight in the middle.

The advantage of rattan furniture is that it is fixed in its original shape after being deformed by moisture, and after being blown dry or dried, it will still return to its thick shape and size. Therefore, when the rattan furniture is drooping, it is necessary to reduce the load, and support it subtly and evenly to maintain the original weave shape and prevent the gap from being deformed. If it is a seat, you can insert a square stool or a storage box under the vine surface to help hold up the vine surface and slowly dry it without deformation.

Rattan furniture lacquer specialization

All the rattan furniture should be dried, sanded with sandpaper, and then painted. It is best not to paint at home, but to a special paint factory and spray it with spraying equipment. The advantage of this is to ensure that all corners and recesses are evenly painted, without the signs that the double bumps are deeper and the pits are white. Before painting, carefully check the content of polyurethane in the paint. Some inferior paints are used to ensure the quick-drying property. Add too much polyurethane to the ingredients. This oil goes deep into the surface of the rattan house, not only has a dazzling light, but also A plastic surface layer is formed which is very hard and brittle and may interfere with the natural breathing of the rattan and cause small cracks in all curved parts.


What should I do if I find signs of worms on rattan furniture? The pepper noodles or the pointed pepper noodles can kill insects and prevent mites, and there is no damage to the rattan. Fry half a pepper and half a fine salt together, grind it, stuff it into the pupil, and then wrap the dough with a plastic cloth or a small plastic bag so that the smell does not leak. Switching to the tip of the pepper face is the same way of operation. After 24 hours of insecticidal mites, untie the plastic sheet, partially flush the noodles with boiling water, and kill the residual mites. Finally, dry it with a soft towel to prevent insects from worming.

Sealed rattan furniture, such as wardrobes, sundries cabinets, bookcases, etc., can be hung in the cabinet with one or two fresh peppers mixed with fine salt, which has the same anti-mite effect.