Classification of cast aluminum outdoor furniture

- Jun 06, 2018-

Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is divided into pouring aluminum furniture and die-casting aluminum furniture. 

The pouring aluminum outdoor furniture melts the aluminum ingot in the melting furnace, maintains the temperature of the aluminum solution at 680-700 degrees Celsius (the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees Celsius), introduces into the preset mold cavity, and the aluminum alloy solution is naturally cooled and solidified. After the mold is opened (generally two molds are used), the quenched casting is taken out and quenched. The cooling is performed in cold water to change the internal structure of the aluminum alloy. The strength and toughness of the aluminum casting are improved, and the brittleness of the aluminum is changed. . The

After quenching, the next step is to go to the edge to deburr, and then rough grinding, after rough grinding is split welding, after welding is fine grinding. 

After finish grinding and polishing, painting paint color, common cast aluminum outdoor furniture color: antique copper, white, black. 

Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is generally cast separately, and then the parts are combined into a complete piece of furniture by welding and splicing (screw fixing). 

Die-cast aluminum outdoor furniture is formed by die stamping. Die-cast aluminum is also called stamping aluminum. It is formed by impact of a steel die on a punch press. The general size of the stamping die will not be too large. The cast aluminum outdoor furniture has no way of forming at one time and can only be stamped and then welded. 

The difference between pouring aluminum outdoor furniture and die-cast aluminum outdoor furniture is that the appearance is not the same: the aluminum die-casting surface is smooth, the arc is excessively natural, there is no trace of grinding, there is no burr between the gaps; the surface of the pouring aluminum has slight grinding marks, between the gaps There is burr that is adhesion, burr is poured into the gap between the mold into the high-temperature aluminum solution, after cooling to form a burr or flash.


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