Choosing the materials and style of outdoor furniture

- Jul 17, 2018-


Picking a good outdoor furniture meets three main criteria: stability, comfort and environmental coordination. It must be easy to transport, process, industrialized, standardized production and assembly, can be fixed to the ground, ergonomic scale and shape, have appropriate orientation and orientation in the arrangement, can resist the violence of vandals, easy to city Repair and replacement by public municipalities. It is better to adapt and mitigate the effects of sun and rain. At the same time, it should be easy to clean, withstand heavy pressure and adapt to the different body shapes of men, women and children. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to beauty from the perspective of modern styling aesthetics. Modern outdoor public furniture design pays more attention to the styling of furniture, the harmony of color and the surrounding environment. An excellent outdoor furniture is like a beautiful outdoor abstract sculpture that plays a role in the local environment. Beautify, highlight, and embellish.

First, the outdoor furniture material is very particular. Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose wood with large oil content, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment; the production process is also very important, because the deformation is inevitable because of long-term exposure. If the process is not closed, the furniture may be scattered because the splicing is not strong or the expansion coefficient is wrong; in addition, the outdoor furniture of different materials is also differently maintained, and the wooden outdoor furniture needs to be often maintained with wood oil or paint. Bamboo rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is high, and it is difficult to take care of, it is easy to accumulate dust and mold, so we must choose good quality and special treatment. However, there is a kind of rattan outdoor furniture on the market--Western Vine, the price is cheaper than the rattan, dirty brush is good, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

Second, material selection has something to do with the style of the room. From the material itself, in addition to performance, there are still some features and techniques in the style to coordinate with the overall style. The wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for the modern and simple style of the indoor environment. The line is generally based on straight lines, and some exaggerated shapes are better.

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