Chinese style leads outdoor furniture design

- Jun 28, 2018-


The outdoor furniture of Chinese style takes the Chinese life style and Chinese culture as the entry point, takes Chinese culture as the foundation, and enters the world market.

    Retrieving Chinese Elements Sticking to Original Design

Drawing inspiration from different Chinese elements and applying it to outdoor furniture design is of great significance to the development of outdoor furniture.

Chinese style outdoor furniture products draw a lot of Chinese elements. If you imitate a cooked egg, cut the egg yolk and the protein and turn it into a seat. This is the imagination of the beginning of life. Another example is the “drum rhyme” series that draws inspiration from the “drum”. The shape of the product mimics the shape of the drum. Four people sit around or sit opposite each other, and they are poetic and poetic. The "Blue and White Porcelain" series, inspired by blue and white porcelain, has won awards at home and abroad and has also transferred Chinese culture both at home and abroad. Inspired by the mortuary, the "Shubo" series displays a mystical sense of beauty while also possessing a private space. It perfectly combines Chinese culture and product design.

    Unified image style for theme promotion

There are many elements that can be extracted from product design. For a brand, a unified image style is crucial. If you do not stick to a style, the product's vision and design will be mixed with other elements, but will damage the brand value.

China Wind's outdoor furniture products focus on the application of Chinese elements and Chinese culture. In terms of product design, traditional elements such as blue and white porcelain and mortuary houses are taken away. In the promotion of the theme, a theme is set every year, and the context of Chinese culture is used throughout the marketing.

    Sales is the foothold of Chinese original design

China Wind's outdoor furniture and product sales are gradually separated from furniture stores, selected in more venues for people to display products, in order to gain more attention.

In the future, the design of Chinese style outdoor furniture will be accompanied by more international elements while maintaining the Chinese elements, showing Chinese culture through modern design. The outdoor furniture original design road has a long way to go.

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