Chinese and Western leisure concept of outdoor furniture

- Jan 03, 2019-


Outdoor furniture has a living philosophy that compares Chinese and Western style leisure homes. If you pay attention to it, outdoor furniture can be seen everywhere around us, but it was not seen before.

As the economic level increases and incomes increase, consumers pay more attention to the quality of life and are willing to invest more money in outdoor leisure. Moreover, consumers are paying more and more attention to “family time” and enjoying the warm moments of leisure with their families. Outdoor furniture has created a more casual home atmosphere for consumers.

The extension of the concept of space, with the acceleration of urbanization in social development, the demand for outdoor leisure furniture in a large number of hotels, shops, parks, high-end leisure places, high-end private residences and other places increased. Outdoor furniture exudes a stylish and healthy atmosphere that not only meets the needs of outdoor recreation, but also makes the home environment more artistic, so outdoor furniture is widely favored by consumers.

Most people in China prefer to live indoors, unlike Westerners who like outdoor activities. Therefore, even if the concept of leisure life in the West is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the traditional Chinese “introversion” has made many consumers have reservations about the enthusiasm for “outdoor”. However, outdoor furniture makes "Chinese and Western", not just on the surface. Outdoor furniture products, whether in the East or the West, will not be incompatible with the surrounding atmosphere, and become a model of the international brand "Western style leisure, Chinese concept." Modern outdoor furniture is a way of life and a pursuit of natural leisure for human beings!

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