characteristics of outdoor furniture with different metal materials

- Jul 03, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is made of various materials, such as steel furniture can be divided into stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Of course, the outdoor furniture made of different materials also has different characteristics. New Perfect Line Co.,Ltd introduce three different common metal materials as following:

Stainless steel furniture: This kind of furniture has a surface treatment method such as mirror surface, wool surface and bright surface. Because of the difference between the products, there will be differences treatment methods in the surface.

Aluminum alloy furniture: This type of furniture is divided into electroplating, anodizing, and polishing. The general product will have a very high service life.

Chrome-plated furniture: chrome-plated and black-plated. Because the molecular structure and stability of chromium are not very good, the maintenance method is also relatively simple. You can choose chrome-plated products for cleaning, cotton cloth for cleaning agents. Wipe it to keep it fresh and bright.

All in all, there are many kinds of outdoor furniture on the market, and there are many different materials. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear when purchasing, and find the right product!

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