Casual furniture blowing environmental wind

- Jul 16, 2018-


In recent years, the concept of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly life has penetrated into the leisure furniture industry. The resource conservation of leisure furniture has achieved some results, and recycling is an extremely important and creative concept in the “environmental protection wind”, which can make the leisure furniture industry Carry out sustainable development.

Nowadays, a large number of recyclable materials are used in casual furniture. There is a special kind of casual furniture that enters people's eyes. It is a kind of paper leisure furniture. It is a lot of food, environmentally friendly, often new, mobile and so on. . The “soft beauty” of paper leisure furniture creates a soft, natural and calm atmosphere for your home.

However, there are also many consumers who are concerned about problems such as paper instability, water resistance, fire resistance and pressure resistance. It is understood that the material of paper leisure furniture is corrugated paper, and the paper box in the field of packaging logistics is not much different in craftsmanship. The surface is kraft paper, but the best material is selected, its own bearing capacity is stronger, and the structure design can be Achieve greater load bearing. Most of these furniture are imported paper, which is very waterproof and can be waterproof for more than 5 minutes, so it is easy to clean. Just scrub with a damp cloth. At present, the comprehensive load-bearing capacity of paper leisure furniture can reach 50 kilograms. In actual tests, the person standing above a weight of more than 80 kilograms is not damaged. Therefore, using paper leisure furniture as a shelf is no problem. The paper leisure furniture is folded, and the folding force can adjust the direction of the force to achieve more load-bearing effect. And the fire prevention is not too worried, the cigarettes fall on the top until the natural extinction will not appear open flames, even Mars will not have, the surface only hot marks.

So, in this cold spring, try the paper casual furniture and add a “soft beauty” to your living room.

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