Buying outdoor furniture should be combine with careless and careful

- Jul 14, 2018-


When choosing furniture, it is generally more careful, but the choice of outdoor furniture needs careless and careful combination. First of all, if you put it outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to the sun, so you should be prepared to have some deformation and fading at home. Most woods generally use fir and pine. The biggest test of wooden face is sun, rain, cold and heat. All materials must be specially treated to meet the characteristics of moisture, smash, rain and corrosion. However, in the choice of connectors, it is necessary to be careful, because it is related to the sturdiness of outdoor furniture, can not be put on for a few days, the wind blows and falls apart. Therefore, its self-weight should be heavier, and it should be firmly connected to the ground and fixed by ropes or buried.

In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, it is usually spliced or metal parts. Generally, the metal parts are stronger than the joints. However, the splicing is not only firm, but there is room for movement between the parts under stress. Increased structural stability. Moreover, the furniture of the splicing is more aesthetic and structural, but it must be crafted.

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