Brief introduction of the difference between outdoor furniture and ordinary furniture

- Jan 10, 2019-


The biggest difference between outdoor furniture and ordinary furniture is the material.

The material commonly used by outdoor furniture companies is rattan. Commonly used outdoor furniture is generally mobile, such as rattan table chairs, Teslin lounge chairs, foldable wooden tables and chairs, sun umbrellas and other furniture, when used outdoors, when not in use, put it in the room, comfortable It is also practical, and you can also add some fabric elements to embellish your hobby.

The simple and stylish umbrella with wicker umbrella is ideal for outdoor spaces. It is made of high-performance polymer and fiber, as well as German BASF pigments and Taiwanese materials. It can withstand 7000 hours of strong ultraviolet radiation without fading. Lasting new in the sun.

Every detail of the wicker chair is handmade. The umbrella can be freely adjusted to face different angles of sunlight. The length of the rattan chair is long enough to allow the lower limbs to stretch fully to help the body relax. The texture of hand-woven vines is like floating on the clouds

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