Artistic elements of rattan furniture

- Mar 09, 2019-


When the summer comes, the rattan furniture is gradually favored by consumers with its simple and refreshing features. Rattan furniture has become the decent focus of the living room, of course, more important is the practicality of the function. However, the most popular reason for the rattan furniture is that it is related to the pastoral dream.

The rattan products are rich in color, and can be made into quaint mahogany or classic teak or elegant white, cool green. The natural rattan with special treatments is combined with fresh and elegant color to make people feel cool. . Put one or two pots of green plants and create a rustic dream. The material of the rattan furniture can be applied to various shapes of rattan furniture.

The vine is always a symbol of the natural material. It is easy to remind us of the existence and beauty of nature by the faint woody fragrance of the body and mind. Vine is a vine plant that grows in the rainforest. It is light and tough, so it can weave all kinds of furniture. The biggest feature is moisture absorption and heat absorption. It is naturally breathable and insect-resistant. It can not easily deform and crack. At or above the medium and high grade hardwood. Imagine what the space of the rattan furniture should look like. Elegant, simple, like climbing through the vine, it seems to hear the sound from the water in the forest. This is how vine gives us.

Rattan furniture is usually taken from the cane skin, rattan heart and rattan. After being cut, processed and processed, it is shaped and woven, and then selected according to the different properties of the furniture. Generally speaking, rattan is often used in the structure of furniture. Body, while the rattan heart and the rattan leather are soft and easy to shape and weave, so the rattan furniture is well-deserved "green furniture.

The rattan furniture is not only simple but not interesting, and its style emphasizes artisticity. It has both Chinese-style peacock shape, chicken heart shape, sun shape, European and American court type, crown shape and regular and irregular geometry. Almost any rattan furniture can be tailored, so the style of rattan furniture is varied.

The rattan furniture is light and generous, and the finely interwoven rattan is simple and refreshing. In this sense, nature is fashion. The rattan screens, chairs, cabinets, baskets, and storage boxes inadvertently create the feeling of a log cabin. The decorations made of muddy small rattan can be designed and framed at will. People have been tired of the hustle and indifference of the modern city, and they have become more and more profoundly aware of the demeanor of returning to nature, eager to integrate with nature, and to arrange an idyllic living room to give another experience of living.

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