Applicable occasions for outdoor furniture of different materials

- Dec 12, 2018-


1, beach chair

Beach chairs are divided into solid wood beach chairs, rattan beach chairs, plastic beach chairs and mesh beach chairs. The solid wood beach chair adopts imported hard solid wood (such as Ershan Elm, Pineapple, Teak, etc.), and the wood is processed by heat treatment, deworming, anti-corrosion and stereotypes, and the surface is sprayed with pure natural outdoor oil, making it difficult to crack outdoors. , deformation, rot, insects, the color is timeless. The rattan beach chair is made of PE imitation rattan and aluminum alloy. It conforms to international standards, is non-toxic, waterproof, radiation-proof and insect-proof. Plastic beach chair, waterproof and anti-corrosive, light and comfortable. Mesh sand chair, made of imported mesh and aluminum alloy, is light, durable and durable. It is widely used in villas, gardens, real estate, residential areas, parks, plazas, resorts, hotels, leisure and other leisure places.

2, parasol

Parasols (also known as sun umbrellas) are mainly divided into two types: solid wood umbrellas and aluminum alloy umbrellas. The products are made of waterproof polyester fabric, waterproof, anti-mite and UV-resistant. The imported cloth has been durable for 8 years and does not fade. Can also be customized according to customer requirements. It is widely used in villas, gardens, real estate, residential areas, parks, plazas, resorts, hotels, leisure and other leisure places.

3, lounge chair

Leisure chairs (park chairs) can be divided into all-wood lounge chairs, steel-wood lounge chairs and all-steel lounge chairs. The wood is made of imported anti-corrosion wood (Hawthorn, pineapple, teak). The legs of the chair are mainly cast iron feet and cast aluminum feet. The surface is painted to prevent corrosion and rust. It is specially made for garden community, tourist resorts and leisure clubs.

4, pavilion, gallery

The main material of the pavilion is scotch pine, hawthorn, pineapple, southern pine, fennan wood, red blood pine, radiata pine and other wood! To make a preservative wood pavilion, the designer must first give you a design. The design should have a structural structure. The material size and size of each structure should be reasonable. It must conform to the balance principle of force. Because wood should be considered. If you have a problem with the design, you can go to the site to install it. The more common pavilion is the anti-corrosion pavilion. The anti-corrosion wooden pavilion gives a fresh, warm feeling, allowing the pavilion to pass through the wind without losing its natural wood properties. The anti-corrosion wooden pavilion has good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet ability and good aesthetic effect.

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