Aluminum mesh patio furniture in a wide range of applications

- Jun 23, 2018-

Aluminum mesh patio furniture, its emphasis is modern style, competive price, suitable for wide use, it is characterized by aluminum frame, combined with Teslin mesh. It uses a variety of production processes, so that the cold metal becomes colorful, each aluminum mesh patio furniture  are more considerate, every part is strictly controlled.3.jpg

Since the main frame adopts all aluminum tubes, the wall thickness is generally between 1.2----2.0mm. According to the different parts of the load-bearing parts, aluminum tubes with different structures and wall thicknesses are used, and the wall thickness is clear at a glance;

According to the shape of aluminum can be divided into: square tube, flat square tube, round tube, flat tube and shaped tube;

According to internal structure of aluminum can be divided into: double-bar square tube, double-bar circular pipe, double-bar special-shaped pipe, single-bar square tube, single-bar circular pipe, single-rib shaped pipe;


In the monotonous aluminum, a variety of spraying techniques are used to make the various aluminum of various shapes perfectly displayed in front of us.


Teslin Mesh: It is a special material introduced in recent years. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance, rainwater resistance, aging resistance, etc. It also has the features of easy cleaning, strong stability, and comfortable feel. In recent years it has been widely used in outdoor products and its performance is very good. Teslin Mesh also has a rich and colorful dyeing process, which adds an important bargain to its competitiveness in the outdoor furniture market. On the market for lounge chairs, aluminum mesh patio furniture has its own irreplaceable position. Aluminum mesh patio furniture is taking its own place. Advantages and colorful fabrics develop in other fields!1.jpg

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