Advantages of side column outdoor umbrella

- Nov 10, 2018-


1. The umbrella column is unilaterally independent and has 100% space utilization. It avoids the trouble and shackles of traditional parasols to be perforated on the table during use.


2. The precision designed transmission mechanism and pulley system can be easily opened and closed by one person.

3, The ventilator has an small umbrella on the whole outdoor umbrella, it is beautiful and the umbrella base is enough to stand on the wind below level 5.

4, The main body and base separate design, it can easily separate or combine the two without any tools, it is also easy to moving or handling.

5, Umbrella fabric cover can be removed to clean easily .

The side column outdoor umbrella feature of the outdoor parasol is that it can be rotated in both horizontal and vertical directions. In the summer, it is possible to rotate the umbrella surface according to the direction of the sun and avoid the heat. This is the vast majority of outdoor umbrellas.

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