Advantages and disadvantages of PE rattan furniture and natural rattan furniture

- Aug 23, 2018-


Compared with natural rattan, high-grade tough PE/PVC rattan has the advantages of smooth and delicate surface, high strength, good flexibility, durability, waterproof, sunscreen, mildewproof, anti-mite, hygienic and easy to clean. PE rattan imitates the natural rattan artificial synthesis. With its unique flexibility and plasticity, and the modern craftsmanship, the rattan furniture is made of soft and hard products with comfortable and smooth lines. Innovative and fully consider the ergonomic comfort. PE Rattan furniture refers to a product that resembles or replaces natural rattan furniture. The PE rattan furniture lounge chair is shaped like a natural rattan, but lacks naturalness. Imitation rattan furniture can be said to complement each other. Although there are few drawbacks, it still does not affect consumers' love for PE rattan tables and chairs.

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