7 taboos in the use of outdoor furniture

- Jul 03, 2018-


Although outdoor furniture is more durable than ordinary furniture, the wrong method of use will still greatly shorten the life of outdoor furniture. I believe that everyone is very concerned about the maintenance of outdoor furniture, there are many methods on the Internet, but there are mixed opinions. Be sure to choose the correct and effective maintenance method to increase the service life of your outdoor furniture. Following are 7 taboos for the use of outdoor furniture:

1: Do not place the sharp or rough bottom products directly on the exterior of the outdoor furniture, which will result in the appearance of outdoor furniture scratches.

2: Do not wash outdoor furniture directly with hot water.

3: Do not place heavy objects on the outdoor furniture surface for a long time, or place heavy objects on the edge of the table. This will result in deformation of the outdoor furniture, and even the outdoor furniture will be unstable and dumped, which will damage the outdoor furniture.

4: Do not let outdoor furniture contact with corrosive substances such as alcohol, banana spray, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, alkali, etc.

5: Do not place hot or cold equipment above 100 degrees Celsius on outdoor furniture.

6: Do not pull hard when handling, damage the hoe or hardware at the joint of the outdoor furniture.

7: Do not place outdoor furniture in high temperature or extremely cold conditions or occasions, do not expose the furniture to the sun for a long time, do not put it too dry, to prevent the wood from cracking; do not put the furniture in a humid condition Wood furniture and fabric furniture will be moldy in the wet local area, and metal furniture and furniture buttons, slides and spring metal parts will also rust, affecting the normal use of outdoor furniture.

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