5 kinds of maintenance methods for balcony wicker chairs

- Dec 13, 2018-


One of the maintenance methods for the balcony wicker chair: avoid direct sunlight

The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan crisp. The long-term sunlight will make the white rattan furniture yellow, and the brown-red shiny red rattan furniture will partially fade, making the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture dry, loose and open. Therefore, it is very important to avoid direct sunlight in the spring, summer and autumn. It is possible to use a translucent white tulle curtain to separate the direct sunlight and protect the rattan furniture without affecting the indoor lighting.

Balcony Wicker Chair Maintenance Method 2: Avoid close to fire source, heat source

In some places, the heating radiator in winter is the enemy of rattan furniture. If the rattan chair is placed close to the radiator, it will be found after one month that the rattan has become dry and brittle, the toughness is worse, and it is difficult to recover after sitting; Some parts that stick with natural glue are far from falling. Therefore, be sure to put on the insulation pad.

Balcony Wicker Chair Maintenance Method 3: Maintain ventilation

The cross section of the vine is covered with a fine duct, so the rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water. However, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, drooping in the plane, and easily attract mold spots in the woven mesh. Therefore, in the rainy season, the ventilation of rattan furniture is particularly important. In the days when there is a sun, it is best to clean the furniture and move it to a windy place to "blow up" to avoid the formation of mold spots and keep it dry. Do not ask for "dry" eagerness, lift it to the place where the sun shines directly, and the contrast of the tide, the rattan can easily deform or even break.

Balcony Wicker Chair Maintenance Method 4: Avoid moisture deformation

The book on the rattan shelf is best placed on the principle of heavy weight on both sides and light in the middle, so that the weight of the book can be placed symmetrically to prevent the bookcase from being drooped due to the weight in the middle. The advantage of rattan furniture is that it is fixed in its original shape after being deformed by moisture, and it will return to its original shape and size after being blown dry or dried. Therefore, when the rattan furniture is drooping, it is necessary to reduce the load, and support it subtly and evenly to maintain the original weave shape and prevent the gap from being deformed. If it is a seat, it can be inserted into a square stool or a storage box under the vine surface to help hold up the vine surface and slowly dry it without deformation.

Balcony Wicker Chair Maintenance Method 5: Anti-insect

What should I do if I find signs of worms on rattan furniture? The pepper noodles or the pointed pepper noodles can kill insects and prevent mites, and there is no damage to the rattan. Fry half a pepper and half a fine salt together, grind the plug hole, and then wrap the dough with a plastic cloth or a small plastic bag so that the smell does not leak. Switching to the sharp pepper noodles is the same way of doing it. After 24 hours of insecticidal mites, untie the plastic sheet, and partially flush the noodles with boiling water to kill the residual mites. Finally, dry it with a soft towel to prevent insects from worming.

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